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Briana Aceti

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Briana Aceti is an actor and producer from New Jersey. She attended Monmouth University, where she focused her efforts on a degree in psychology, “I’ve always been infatuated by the human race, emotions, and relationships.” Combine that with her love of the arts, and it was only a matter of time before she found her way into an acting class.


After graduating, Briana embarked on an internship in Walt Disney World. She worked in the world renown entertainment department, where she had the opportunity to work with the characters . She describes this experience as a "true dream come true." 


In New York, Briana studied at HB Studio and is a 2022 graduate of the William Esper Conservatory Program. During the pandemic, she used her time to advance her career by creating content and acting in various films, one of which earned her a nomination for "Best Actress" at The Northern Horror Fest. Briana is currently residing in Los Angeles and is studying with celebrity acting coach, John Kirby. 


Briana uses her faith and positive attitude as her anchors. Her favorite genres are romance and comedy and she hopes to one day play Sandy in Grease. 


Emily Lambert Photography

Briana has produced various short films,

documentaries, commercials, and most

recently, a music video for Epitaph Records. 


Demo Reel

2023 Demo Reel

"Real Magic"


"God is within her. She will not fall" - Psalm 46:5



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